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Nuria Sanz

Doctor on Prehistoric Sciences by the University of Tubingen; Doctor in Prehistoric Archaeology by Unvierdidad Complutense of Madrid. Specialist in International Cooperation on Natural and Cultural Heritage at the Council of Europe and the European Commission (1996-2001); Staff Member of UNITED NATIONS at UNESCO and FAO since 2001. Director of World Heritage on Latin America and Caribbean at the World Heritage Center of UNESCO in Paris (2002-2013). Ambassador of UNESCO and Director of the UNESCO Office in Mexico (2013-2018). World Coordinator of the UNESCO Thematic Programme on Human Evolution; Dispersals, Adaptations and Social Developments (2008-2018). Invited to develop a programme UNESCO-FAO on cultural/biological diversity (2019-2020). Currently Head of the Scientific group AHEAD on Cultural Human Evolution, University of Tubingen (Since 2019). Curator of the UNESCO Art Collection, HQ Paris.

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